Airplanes. These iconic vehicles of our creativity and ingenuity have brought us a shrinking connected world, generating fascination and awe amongst us globally. Plane’s Portrait explores the aesthetic forms of these vehicles and showcases our passion for these amazing aircraft through photography. Born off a solo endeavour, Plane's Portrait Aviation Media has grown to a collective of amazing works from talented Singaporean aviation photographers, travelling the world in pursuit of their passion for image making. We offer a wide variety of aviation-related imagery, ranging from standard photos to those with artistic flair. We hope you enjoy our gallery. Cheers !


Malcolm Lu (MLU), Sng Wei Jie (SWJ), Tok Niken (NKT), Bryan Wong (BRW), Ryan He (RYH), Kuah Jun You (KJY), Cornelius Kwok (CRN), Gavin Ang (GAV) & Sebastian Ng (SEB).

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